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It's definately time for documentation and real samples

Nov 26, 2014 at 3:04 PM
I am very aware that I can find "samples" within the tests included in the source-code. But that requires a lot of time and I think that not many users are really willed to go through the code and to figure out how to use the library.

What is needed are real-world examples from you guys, the developers of this library and especially for NETMF.

I have tried for days for example to get this library running on my Gadgeteer with the latest firmware upgrades and patches as well as the latest version of NETMF. Socket errors and exceptions everywhere and those exceptions simply don't tell my anything about what went wrong.

And why are you not moving the library to GitHub? CodePlex just adds unnecessary overhead to the accessibility of the code and you could get more help from the community.

Please don't consider this comment as an offense. If help is needed, please let me know. I am willed to write the documentation and samples if necessary.