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SSL support ... does it work in .Net Micro Framework ?

Jun 17, 2014 at 1:28 PM

I'm using this library on my PC and I can't use it on .Net Micro Framework because I haven't a board that support SSL : I have Netduino Plus 2 and FEZ Hydra :-(.
On code gallery (sample on ODB2), I read that the example doesn't work on emulator due to network problem.
Now ...

Sniffing traffic between PC and Service Bus, I see that during SSL handshake, the server sends a certificates chain : its certificate ( and two CA certificates (CN=MSIT Machine Auth 2 and Microsoft Internet Authority).
On my PC I have the CA certificates so validation works fine.

Due to problems above, I can't try it on .Net Micro Framework but on ODB2 sample on code gallery the library was used with FEZ Spider that supports SSL.

In the TcpTransport.cs file I see that the following call :
                    noVerification ? SslVerification.NoVerification : SslVerification.VerifyPeer,
doesn't receive any X509Certificate instance as CA certificate. How does it validate certificate from server ?
Furthermore, I see that noVerification variable is false so we pass SslVerification.VerifyPeer.